Fortune-Creating Homes

Vedic Architecture
Maharishi Sthapatya Veda

Plinth, Entablature and Kalash Installations


Gala Manchaka Plinth - made from aerated concrete blocks. Glued to foundations.
Plinth Plinth

Manchaka Plinth - made from fibro board/sheets.
Secured to timber frame on concrete stumps

Gala Manchaka Plinth - made from aerated concrete panels (panels approx. 1m long)

Manchaka Plinth - Timbercrete.

Smaller Timbercrete Plinth


2 Storey house before installation of entablature.

After installation of entablature.


Colorbond base suitable for fitting to ridge roof

Fitted to Colorbond roof

Clearstorey box base

Fitted to revolving glass observatory - Mother Divine building in Vlodrop, Holland

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