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Another three Maharishi Sthapatya Veda Houses nearing completion - all have great locations

These 3 MSV homes are all due for completion within 2 or 3 weeks. All are in country locations with beautiful surroundings and views. Two houses are timber construction on concrete stumps with Weathertex cladding. The third is constructed on a concrete foundation with attractive Western Australian limestone walls. They all have grid connect solar panels and solar hot water systems. Two have the most recent award winning non-chemical sewerage and irrigation systems.

House 1 is in Maleny, Queensland. From the first simple plan to a magnificent house.
House 2 is in Bridgetown, W.A. Rarefied altitude where heaven connects with earth.
House 3 is in Merimbula, NSW. Ideal vastu surroundings and nourishing environment.

These 3 locations are close to the most attractive areas in the respective states. Included is a wonderful expression of happiness by Keith Valentine relating to his experiences of building a MSV home. The other two owners have also passed on some amazing experiences from the process of Vastu development.

"Vastu is like a guard on the door. It simply will not allow any damage. It is that intelligence of Nature which is protective on one side and promotional to all positivity on the other." Maharishi


Wonderful experiences typical of Maharishi Sthapatya Veda home owners
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For more information on these houses or other MSV houses refer to or contact Mike Lyons

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