We are happy to announce that a Fortune-Creating Buildings Workshop will be held in Sydney on Sunday 6th September 2009. 

The Workshops have been very popular over the last two years and are a natural extension of the detailed Maharishi Sthapatya Veda knowledge Seminars and Talks. The Workshop covers the practical aspects of creating a Fortune-Creating Building and enables

attendees to discuss their own homes or proposed homes. Questions are welcome and they will be given priority. 


Sunday 6th September 2009

'The White Pavilion'

Nielsen Park, Vaucluse


Nielson Park overlooks Shark Bay, Sydney Harbour and is on the corner of Vaucluse Road and Greycliffe Avenue.

The White Pavilion is immediately behind the main Cafe which is on the beach.




9.30am - Group Meditation (optional)

10.00am - Workshop start

- Origins & Meanings of Fortune-Creating Homes, Vedic Architecture, Maharishi Sthapatya Veda and Vastu Vidya

- Application of MSV Principles to land & how to find suitable land

12.30pm - Lunch

1.30pm - Workshop continues

- Practical Application of MSV Principles in Designing & Constructing a Fortune-Creating Building including Development & Council requirements,

Creation of House Designs & Plans, Building & Construction information & process, Videos & DVD'S if time permits.

- Question & Answer time during and at end of workshop.

3.30pm - Afternoon tea

4.30pm - Finish (option to continue until 5pm)


The workshop will contain detailed introductory Maharishi Sthapatya Veda knowledge however it is primarily designed to give a very practical and comprehensive understanding of building a Fortune-Creating Home. Please bring any concepts, ideas, plans and questions that you would like to discuss.


It would be appreciated if you could let us know if you will be attending so that lunch can be arranged - it will be served in the beachside cafe. The cost of the day including lunch, afternoon tea, the Workshop and the venue will be $40 per person payable to the Maharishi Invincibility Centre.


To book please contact Diane Davie - email or phone 0422 216 659 or

Mike Lyons - email or phone 02 64959122


The workshop will be presented by Mike Lyons, Maharishi Sthapatya Veda Consultant & National Architecture Director for Australia



Vedic Architecture and Fortune-Creating Homes and Buildings are increasing rapidly in number around the world. We encourage you to hear about this wonderful knowledge and apply the principles in creating your own home or office.


 ďIf you are not living in a proper Vastu, then it will mean that you have not brought electricity in your house; as if you are living in a dark house. Vastu is very, very important; it is absolutely important. And when you are living in Vastu, donít go anywhere where you have to spend the night in a non-Vastu house; absolutely donít go. The whole set up of the brain functioning is completely uneven when you live in the non-Vastu houses. When you live in a Vastu house, then particularly when you go to a non-Vastu house, in one to two days you will begin to feel like a fish out of water. That coherence, that harmony, that peace, that softness that you feel inside in your Vastu home, it loses its evenness, it loses its bliss. So, try to live in Vastu. You have heard this from me so many times

8 September 2005, Maharishi addresses Transcendental Meditation Teacher Training Course graduates in Kopaonik, Serbia


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