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Open to all building professionals who have completed Phase-I




We are happy to announce Phase-2 of the Vastu Coordinator Course to be held on

15 20 April 2010 at Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa, USA.


Vedic City was chosen as the location in response to many requests from our Phase-1 participants to have a chance to see and directly experience the Vastu Peace Colonies and other Maharishi Sthapatya Veda projects built there in recent years.


Phase-2 training will allow you, as a designer or builder, to put this inspiring knowledge into practice and to make it useful in your professional work. As this will be an international course with participants from many countries, we hope it will also provide a unique opportunity to share building and development expertise amongst the course participants. The Seminar will offer professional presentations and opportunity for personal interaction with MUM faculty and other experts of building in Harmony with Natural Law. We will have several sessions out in the field visiting Vastu construction in progress as well as completed houses and commercial buildings.