Dear Friends,

It is a very great joy to announce some important news from Dr. Eike Hartmann, Minister of Vedic Architecture, Global Country of World Peace.

Dr. Hartmann has requested we favour using the term Fortune-Creating™ homes and buildings in preference to Vastu™ and Maharishi Sthapatya Veda™ as these new expressions are considered to be clearer and more understandable by the public.

In addition, Maharaja’s World Council of Rajas and Ministers has implemented a new fee schedule for consultations offered through the consultation service. This new schedule will create a simplified and streamlined process for clients and it is hoped that this, together with a substantial reduction of the fee involved will inspire builders and developers everywhere to quickly establish more Fortune-Creating homes and buildings for individual families, as well as in major residential developments and commercial projects. Maharishi refers to these residential developments as Peace Colonies and it has been his desire for several years to have our attention on establishing these communities because there is always a more powerful effect experienced from living near many Fortune-Creating buildings.

The new fee is based upon the area of the house or building (ie sq feet or sq meters) and translates to about five percent of the total construction costs.

Mike Lyons, National Architecture Director for Australia is establishing a nation-wide team of local Architecture Directors who will share the joy of presenting Maharishi’s Knowledge of Fortune-Creating homes and buildings to the whole society through the Maharishi Invincibility Centres. This will be done in the context of special seminars, workshops and individual consultations. A letter from Mike is attached and introduces some exciting new features of the consultation service.

I warmly encourage everyone to read Mike's letter and check the website from time to time for details of when these special seminars are being held in your city. Also, speak with Mike directly on (02) 6495 9122 or email: as soon as possible to discuss your own building requirements, and then set a target date by which time you and your family will be living in a Fortune-Creating home and enjoying the significantly increased Support of Nature that this nurturing and protective environment creates.

With all best wishes,
Jai Guru Dev

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